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Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour
Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour

Aphrodite: Les Folies was the eleventh concert tour by Kylie Minogue, launched in 2011 to support her eleventh studio album Aphrodite
Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour
Aphrodite Les Folies.jpg
World tour by Kylie Minogue
Associated album Aphrodite
Start date 19 February 2011
End date 14 July 2011
Legs 5
No. of shows 36 in Europe
9 in Asia
17 in North America
10 in Australia
5 in Africa
77 in Total
Box office US $60 million ($63.22 million in 2016 dollars)
Kylie Minogue tour chronology
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Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour (also known as Aphrodite Live) was the twelfth concert tour by Kylie Minogue. The tour supported her eleventh studio album, Aphrodite (2010). The tour visited Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Africa. Kylie has stated the tour was highly technical (as far as staging) yet it remained somewhat intimate. Given the nature of the show, the tour was officially acknowledged by two names; Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour (in Europe and Australia) and Aphrodite Live (in Asia, North America and Africa). The tour ranked 6th in Pollstar's "Top 50 Worldwide Tour (Mid-Year)", earning over $52.1 million from 68 shows. At the conclusion of 2011, the tour placed 21st on Billboard's annual, "Top 25 Tours", earning over $32.6 million with 41 shows. The tour earned over $52.8 million from 72 shows, placing 21st on Pollstar's "Top 50 Worldwide Tours". Overall, the tour grossed an estimated $60 million.


During an interview in June 2010, Kylie was asked if she was going to tour with her latest album. She responded, "Oh yeah! [...] Yes, I have show concepts in mind but I can't tell you yet, because it really is in its infancy [...] But come on, with the name Aphrodite as the launch pad, we're going to have a lot to play with! [...] I would like the tour to be like, you're on that sea... and there are the rushes and the dips, and you're just feeling the love. The vibe that I've put out there with 'All the Lovers', and that I'm getting back, is 'feel love, share love'. That's what I want the show to be." During a gay pride festival in Hamburg, Germany, an advertisement was displayed showing Kylie touring in Hamburg, Mannheim, Berlin, Munich and Oberhausen. During a promotional appearance in Germany to promote her album, Kylie expressed it will be a world tour stating she would like to return to tour the Americas and possibly perform a show in Ibiza. The tour was officially announced via Kylie's website on 6 September 2010. By way of introduction, Kylie stated,

Kylie later confirmed she would return to the United States to tour. This became the third time the singer has performed stateside since her breakthrough in 2002. She described her previous feat as one of her best decisions in her career. She further commented, "The last couple of years I've really made the effort to visit a lot of places I'd never toured in before and that was so rewarding, fulfilling and inspiring. I'm a glutton for punishment so I want to do it again and I want to take it even further."

At the beginning of the new year, Kylie stated that the tour would be her biggest to date. The stage is proclaimed to be the most extravagant staging built for any concert tour with several movable parts, seven lifts and nearly 600 light sources. It will also feature water jets created by The Fountain People, known for their work with the Disneyland ResortWorld of Color. The show will be a homage to Greek mythology and culture, with an aerial act inspired by the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. The entire production is valued at over $25 million, and will see Kylie joined on stage by a cast of dancers and aerial performers along with her live band. The show will be moved throughout Europe by a crew of over 100 personnel in a fleet of 25 trucks.

While promoting the tour, Kylie stated the main inspiration of the tour's name was inspired by the MGM film, Ziegfeld Follies. She further commented, "Ziegfeld Folies – I've been crazy about that movie and that period in music dance and film. My show has a bit of that so it became 'Aphrodite Les Folies'." The arena show featured an elaborate production featuring a water element. As the production moved to Asia and North America, Kylie played smaller venues, giving the singer a chance to provide an intimate show for these territories. Here the show was known as 'Aphrodite Live 2011'.

Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana) spoke of working with Kylie for the costumes of the tour. They stated, "Kylie has always been our Piccola Principessa [Little Princess], not just because of our work together but more so because of our friendship! Working with Kylie has always been very spontaneous and easy. We are given free reign [sic] to create because she trusts that we know exactly what she likes. This will be our third tour with Kylie and this time we have revisited iconic Dolce & Gabbana pieces, adapting them to different themes of the tour. This show definitely cannot be missed!"

In January 2011, Kylie expanded the UK leg of her tour from four to fourteen shows. Further dates were added in Japan (Kylie's first dates there since her Rhythm of Love Tour some 20 years earlier) and the United States. Kylie remarked, "Rehearsals are well underway and the show is shaping up to be more than I could have wished for. All departments are doing a stellar job and the combined level of expertise is nothing short of mind blowing. My friends, Dolce & Gabbana have designed an amazing wardrobe for me. I'm overwhelmed with the love and talent that is going into this tour and I can't wait for my fans to be part of it."

Furthermore, it was announced the Harmonix game Dance Central would be the official sponsors of the European leg of the tour. According to the press release, booths were staged in the lobby areas of the arenas giving spectators the opportunity to play the game to Kylie's dance hit "Can't Get You Out of My Head". Additionally, a crew has been assigned to record the audience, as well as, backstage footage for Kylie's official Facebook page.

The tour premiered in Herning, Denmark at the Jyske Bank Boxen to a full house of nearly 12,000 spectators. Kylie posted a video on her official YouTube account thanking the crew for the hard work and dedication during rehearsals along with expressing her excitement for the opening night after "nearly a year of planning". Later, a video was posted showing interviews with the audience as well as the performances of "Aphrodite", "Slow", "Can't Get You Out of My Head", "Better the Devil You Know" and "All the Lovers". Kylie provided various tour updates via her official Twitter account, announcing winners of a "best dressed" contest at every venue.

Critical response

The tour received rave reviews from entertainment critics. Ed Power from The Daily Telegraph gave the concert a four star rating stating that "Kylie Minogue takes retro chic to dizzying extremes on her new tour. Channelling a hitherto unhinted at passion for Ancient Greece and Rome". Power said that "Through a stunning series of set-pieces Kylie proved herself a peerless conjurer of pop spectacle and demonstrated that, when it comes to the classier brand of arena kitsch, she, not Lady Gaga, remains supreme authority." Elisa Bray from The Independent gave the concert four stars (out of five) and said that "Minogue's authenticity and down-to-earth persona has always made her the most likeable pop diva. From her earliest fame days as Charlene in Australian soap Neighbours, girly though she remains, Kylie has made the successful transition to show-woman." Ian Gittins from The Guardian commented that "there is no denying the scale of the production. From the moment Minogue rises from the stage reclining in a golden conch shell in a tableau based on Botticelli's Birth of Venus, it's evident that understatement is not on the menu tonight." He praised her live vocals, describing Kylie's voice as "oddly endearing" and concluded by saying that "it is unfortunate that mainstream America has never taken Minogue to its heart. On this flamboyant evidence, nobody is more ready for a Las Vegas residency."

James Reed from The Boston Globe gave the Aphrodite Live 2011 concert a favourable review by saying that "all eyes were on Minogue, 42, and she was in regal form as both entertainer and singer." Jason Lipshutz from Billboard gave the concert a positive review saying that "Minogue is still an under-appreciated musical force, and one that should not be missed on an all-too-rare U.S. trek." Santiago Felipe from The Village Voice said that "at the center of it all was Kylie, who was by turns bashful and jokingly chiding and absolutely in command, changing dresses as quickly as some people change their mind, flirting with the audience through performances [...] She might be a bit of a cult popstar in the U.S., but she radiated at maximum wattage throughout the evening".

Concert synopsis

The show began with an overture dubbed "The Birth of Aphrodite", which incorporated elements of "Carnival of the Animals", before Kylie emerges from the set atop a golden shell to sing "Aphrodite"; this is followed by "The One", featuring harps rising from the stage and the dancers treating Kylie as though she were a goddess. The section closes with "Wow".

The second section begins with an instrumental interlude before Kylie rises from the stage riding a golden Pegasus, to sing "Illusion"; the song features a break down after the bridge where Kylie and the dancers perform a dance routine; following the final chorus, Kylie moves to the right pod before performing "I Believe in You", where she is pulled round the B-stage on a cart. During the concerts in Japan, "In Your Eyes" was performed between the two songs.

Gladiator begins with and instrumental interlude where the male dancers emerge wearing black matador hats and briefs before Kylie emerges wearing a black crinoline and top hat to sing "Cupid Boy"; this is followed by a new version of "Spinning Around" with just the female dancers, before the boys return for the performance of "Get Outta My Way". Kylie is then left alone to perform a new remix of "What Do I Have to Do". During the concerts in Japan, "2 Hearts" was performed before "What Do I Have to Do"

Kylie performing "Slow"

The fourth section begins with an extended version of "Everything Is Beautiful", with the female dancers emerging in flamboyant white outfits, before Kylie emerges in front of a white bust. This is followed by a jazz version of "Slow", featuring the "Revolver" which allows the dancers to move around Kylie whilst lying down. This is followed by the Chemical Brothers Remix, which ends the section. During shows with spatial limitations, new choreography had to be done for "Slow" due to the absence of the key stage piece.

Holograph begins with an instrumental interlude that features excerpts of the Big Brothers Remix of "Confide in Me"; here the male dancers performed, which preceded a new electro remix of "Confide in Me", where Kylie emerged in a holographic dress. This was followed by a performance of the hit single "Can't Get You Out of My Head", which was a more rock-oriented version. Here, "In Your Eyes" was originally placed in the set list, but was ultimately cut and replaced with "In My Arms"; this was paired with imagery in vein of The Whore of Babylon, and was the song to close the section.

The sixth section begins with an extended version of "Looking For An Angel"; the stage is covered with smoke and the dancers slowly emerge, before Kylie rises out of the stage in gold; the song culminates with a dancer dressed as an angel rising out of the stage and the dancers surrounding him and Kylie as she climbs onto him; this progresses straight into "Closer", where Kylie and the dancers fly to the B-stage, which is followed by a cover of "There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)". After this, Kylie talks with the audience and introduces the band before performing a mash-up of "Can't Beat the Feeling" and the 2001 single "Love at First Sight", which is followed by a performance of the rare "If You Don't Love Me"; this song was selected because Kylie's tour manager, Sean Fitzpatrick, had had an aneurysm and wanted the song to be performed due to it being one of his favourites.

Brazil Funk begins with a thumping intro featuring the dancers in feathers, which leads to a new version of "Better the Devil You Know" with Kylie wearing denim hot pants and an orange jacket; following this, Kylie took requests from the audience and went on to close the main body of the show with "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)". "Better Than Today" was not always a part of the set and was performed at select dates only; during the concerts in Japan, "I Should Be So Lucky" was performed before "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)".

The encore begins with an instrumental intro dubbed "Million Dollar Mermaid", which featured projections of synchronised swimmers; this leads into a new remix of "On a Night Like This", which featured water jets, and leads into the final song, "All the Lovers"; this used the cake-lift and more water jets.

Opening acts

Set list

The Birth of Aphrodite
1. "The Birth of Aphrodite" (Instrumental introduction)
2. "Aphrodite"
3. "The One"
4. "Wow"

5. "Illusion"
6. "I Believe in You"

7. "Cupid Boy"
8. "Spinning Around"
9. "Get Outta My Way"
10. "What Do I Have to Do"

Celestial Love
11. "Everything Is Beautiful"
12. "Slow"

13. "Confide in Me"
14. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
15. "In My Arms"

16. "Looking For An Angel"
17. "Closer"
18. "There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)"
19. "Can't Beat the Feeling" / "Love at First Sight"
20. "If You Don't Love Me"

Brazil Funk
21. "Better the Devil You Know"
22. "Better Than Today"
23. "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)"

24. "Million Dollar Mermaid" (Instrumental intro)
25. "On a Night Like This"
26. "All the Lovers"

Japan shows

For the concerts in Japan, it was not possible to ship the whole tour over; due to this and the then-recent disaster, Kylie added some songs to the set list to make up to fans.

Japanese shows set list

The Birth of Aphrodite
1. "The Birth of Aphrodite" (Instrumental introduction)
2. "Aphrodite"
3. "The One"
4. "Wow"

5. "Illusion"
6. "In Your Eyes"
7. "I Believe in You"

8. "Cupid Boy"
9. "Spinning Around"
10. "Get Outta My Way"
11. "2 Hearts"
12. "What Do I Have to Do"

Celestial Love
13. "Everything Is Beautiful"
14. "Slow"

15. "Confide in Me"
16. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
17. "In My Arms"

18. "Looking For An Angel"
19. "There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)
20. "Can't Beat the Feeling" / "Love at First Sight"
21. "If You Don't Love Me"

Brazil Funk
22. "Better the Devil You Know"
23. "Better Than Today"
24. "I Should Be So Lucky"
25. "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)"

26. "Million Dollar Mermaid" (Instrumental intro)
27. "On a Night Like This"
28. "All the Lovers"


• In the original setlist, as seen on the "Just Add Water" documentary, "Wow" and "I Believe in You" had been swapped with each other.
• "In My Arms" was originally on the set list for performance after "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)", with "In Your Eyes" to be performed after "Can't Get You Out of My Head".
• Before performing "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)", Kylie performed a song request from the audience. The most requested songs were: "I Should Be So Lucky", "The Loco-Motion", "Hand on Your Heart", "Breathe" "Your Disco Needs You", "In Your Eyes" and "Come into My World".
• "Better Than Today" was added to the set list during concerts in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Adelaide.
• "Closer" was not performed in North America, Asia and Africa.
• For concerts in Japan, Kylie performed "In Your Eyes", "2 Hearts" and "I Should Be So Lucky".
• "Especially For You" was performed in Manila.
• "Limbo" was performed acapella on April 9 in London as a request before a performance of "The Loco-Motion".

Tour Dates

Date City Country Venue
Leg 1 — Europe
19 February 2011 Herning Denmark Jyske Bank Boxen
22 February 2011 Helsinki Finland Hartwall Areena
23 February 2011 Tallinn Estonia Saku Suurhall Arena
25 February 2011 Riga Latvia Arena Riga
26 February 2011 Vilnius Lithuania Siemens Arena
28 February 2011 Hamburg Germany O2 Hamburg
1 March 2011 Berlin O2 World
2 March 2011 Prague Czech Republic O2 Arena
4 March 2011 Leipzig Germany Arena Leipzig
5 March 2011 Munich Olympiahalle
6 March 2011 Mannheim SAP Arena
8 March 2011 Milan Italy Mediolanum Forum
9 March 2011 Zürich Switzerland Hallenstadion
11 March 2011 Toulouse France Zénith de Toulouse
12 March 2011 Barcelona Spain Palau Sant Jordi
14 March 2011 [a] Metz France Galaxie Amnéville
15 March 2011 Paris Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
17 March 2011 [b] Amsterdam Netherlands Heineken Music Hall
18 March 2011 Oberhausen Germany König Pilsener Arena
19 March 2011 Antwerp Belgium Sportpaleis
22 March 2011 Dublin Ireland The O2
23 March 2011
25 March 2011 Cardiff Wales Motorpoint Arena Cardiff
26 March 2011
28 March 2011 Glasgow Scotland Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre
29 March 2011
30 March 2011
1 April 2011 Manchester England Manchester Evening News Arena
2 April 2011
4 April 2011
5 April 2011
7 April 2011 London The O2 Arena
8 April 2011
9 April 2011
11 April 2011
12 April 2011
Leg 2 — Asia
23 April 2011 Chiba Japan Makuhari Event Hall
24 April 2011
25 April 2011 Osaka Osaka-jō Hall
Leg 3 — North America
28 April 2011 Montreal Canada Bell Centre
29 April 2011 Boston United States Agganis Arena
30 April 2011 Fairfax Patriot Center
2 May 2011 New York City Hammerstein Ballroom
3 May 2011
4 May 2011
6 May 2011 Atlanta Fox Theatre
7 May 2011 Sunrise BankAtlantic Center
8 May 2011 Orlando Hard Rock Live
10 May 2011 Houston Verizon Wireless Theater
12 May 2011 Mexico City Mexico Palacio de los Deportes
14 May 2011 Guadalajara Auditorio Telmex
16 May 2011 Monterrey Arena Monterrey
18 May 2011 Grand Prairie United States Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
20 May 2011 Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl
21 May 2011 San Francisco Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
22 May 2011 Las Vegas The Colosseum at Caesars Palace
Leg 4 — Australia
3 June 2011 Brisbane Australia Brisbane Entertainment Centre
4 June 2011
7 June 2011 Sydney Sydney Entertainment Centre
8 June 2011
11 June 2011
14 June 2011 Melbourne Rod Laver Arena
15 June 2011
16 June 2011
18 June 2011 Adelaide Adelaide Entertainment Centre
22 June 2011 Perth Burswood Dome
Leg 5 — Asia
25 June 2011 Bangkok Thailand IMPACT Arena
27 June 2011 Bogor Indonesia SICC Auditorium
29 June 2011 Singapore Singapore Singapore Indoor Stadium
1 July 2011 Wan Chai Hong Kong HKCEC Hall 5BC
3 July 2011 Taipei Taiwan TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall
5 July 2011 Quezon City Philippines Araneta Coliseum
Leg 6 — Africa
8 July 2011 Johannesburg South Africa Sun City Super Bowl
9 July 2011
10 July 2011
13 July 2011 Cape Town Grand Arena at Grand West Casino
14 July 2011
Cancellations and rescheduled shows

^a The 11 March 2011 concert at Galaxie Amnéville in Metz was originally scheduled to take place at the Zénith de Nantes Métropole in Nantes.
^bThe 17 March 2011 concert at Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam was originally scheduled to take place at the GelreDome in Arnhem.

Box office score data

Venue City Tickets sold / available Revenue
O2 World Hamburg Hamburg 6,786 / 10,249 (66%) $448,384
O2 World Berlin 7,771 / 12,204 (63%) $571,139
Sportpaleis Antwerp 12,153 / 14,511 (84%) $756,761
Motorpoint Arena Cardiff Cardiff 8,420 / 8,800 (96%) $771,549
Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre Glasgow 18,500 / 20,250 (92%) $1,882,260
Manchester Evening News Arena Manchester 44,578 / 45,000 (99%) $4,449,280
The O2 Arena London 70,100 / 70,500 (99%) $6,754,860
Bell Centre Montreal 4,891 / 6,114 (80%) $456,262
Agganis Arena Boston 2,694 / 3,749 (72%) $253,987
Patriot Center Fairfax 3,246 / 4,821 (67%) $307,722
Hammerstein Ballroom New York City 7,451 / 9,120 (82%) $721,161
Fox Theatre Atlanta 2,838 / 4,515 (63%) $248,686
BankAtlantic Center Sunrise 4,000 / 4,441 (90%) $253,756
Hard Rock Live Orlando 2,011 / 2,723 (74%) $155,555
Verizon Wireless Theater Houston 1,831 / 3,202 (57%) $156,915
Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie Grand Prairie 2,239 / 2,989 (75%) $218,105
Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles 9,052 / 9,986 (91%) $809,146
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco 5,670 / 6,074 (93%) $482,455
The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Las Vegas 4,062 / 4,062 (100%) $445,612
Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane 15,540 / 22,686 (68%) $2,442,780
Sydney Entertainment Centre Sydney 26,689 / 30,000 (89%) $3,730,000
Rod Laver Arena Melbourne 25,598 / 27,600 (93%) $3,510,740
Adelaide Entertainment Centre Adelaide 8,537 / 8,537 (100%) $1,124,185
Burswood Dome Perth 12,626 / 15,000 (84%) $1,608,139
TOTAL 307,144 / 347,133 (88.5%) $32,559,439

Broadcasts and recordings

See Aphrodite Les Folies: Live in London

The shows on April 11 and 12 were recorded in 2D and 3D respectively, and were released as a 2CD/DVD album on 28 November 2011. It aired on Sky 3D as well as in cinemas in the United Kingdom and Ireland on 19 June 2011. The DVD contained all songs performed at the show, as well as a behind-the-scenes tour documentary entitled Just Add Water; the CDs contained all audio from the performances on the DVD

An edited show was shown on SkyHD, cutting various songs from the show:

Costume gallery

The Birth of Aphrodite
1. "The Birth of Aphrodite"
2. "Aphrodite"
3. "The One"
4. "Wow"

1. "Illusion"
2. "In Your Eyes" (23 — 25 April, 2011)
3. "I Believe in You"

1. "Cupid Boy"
2. "Spinning Around"
3. "Get Outta My Way"
4. "2 Hearts" (23 — 25 April, 2011)
5. "What Do I Have to Do"

Celestial Love
1. "Everything Is Beautiful"
2. "Slow"

1. "Confide in Me Intro"
2. "Confide in Me"
3. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
4. "In My Arms"

1. "Looking For An Angel"
2. "Closer" (19 February — 12 April, 3 — 22 June, 2011)
3. "There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)"
4. "Can't Beat the Feeling" / "Love at First Sight"
5. "If You Don't Love Me"

Brazil Funk
1. "Better the Devil You Know"
2. "Better Than Today" (14 — 15, 19 — 23, 30 March — 27 June, 1 — 14 July, 2011)
3. "I Should Be So Lucky" (23 — 25 April 2011)
4. "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)"

After performing "Better the Devil You Know", Kylie took requests from the audience:
• "The Loco-Motion" was performed in Riga on 25 February, Glasgow on 29 March, London on 9 April, Boston on 29 April, New York City on 2 & 4 May, Atlanta on 6 May, Sunrise on 7 May, Orlando on 8 May, Houston on 18 May, Los Angeles on 20 May, Brisbane on 3 & 4 June, Sydney on 8 & 11 June, Adelaide on 18 June, Perth on 22 June, Bangkok on 27 June, Singapore on 29 June, Taipei on 3 July, Quezon City on 5 July, Sun City on 8, 9 & 10 July and Cape Town on 13 & 14 July.
• "Your Disco Needs You" was performed in Hamburg on 28 February, Berlin on 1 March, Prague on 2 March, Munich on 5 March, Mannheim on 6 March, Toulouse on 11 March, Paris on 15 March, Oberhausen on 18 March, Glasgow on 28 March, Montreal on 28 April, New York City on 4 May, Grand Prairie on 18 May, San Francisco on 21 May and Sydney on 7 June.
• "I Should Be So Lucky" was performed in Tallinn on 23 February, Mannheim on 6 March, Toulouse on 11 March, Manchester on 2 & 5 April, London on 7 April, Monterrey on 16 May, Singapore on 29 June and Wan Chai on 1 July.
• "In Your Eyes" was performed in Helsinki on 22 February, Vilnius on 26 February, Dublin on 23 March, Mexico City on 12 May and Zapopan on 14 May.
• "Hand on Your Heart" was performed in Cardiff on 25 March, Glasgow on 30 March, Manchester on 2 April, London on 8 April, Chiba on 24 April, New York City on 3 May and Sunrise on 7 May.
• "Got to Be Certain" was performed in Munich on 5 March, Amsterdam on 17 March, Manchester on 1 & 4 April and London on 11 & 12 April
• "Come into My World" was performed in Assago on 8 March, Barcelona on 12 March, Fairfax on 30 April and Las Vegas on 22 May.
• "Chocolate" was performed in Mexico City on 12 May, Zapopan on 14 May and Monterrey on 16 May.
• "Especially For You" was performed in Melbourne on 15 June and Quezon City on 5 July.
• "2 Hearts" was performed in Sydney on 11 June.
• "Breathe" was performed in Cape Town on 13 July.
• "Chiggy Wiggy" was performed in Sydney on 11 June.
• "Koocachoo" was performed in Monterrey on 16 May.
• "Limbo" was performed in London on 9 April.
• "Los Amores" was performed in Sunrise on 7 May.
• "Red Blooded Woman" was performed in Monterrey on 16 May.
• "Tears" was performed in Sydney on 8 June.
• "Too Much" was performed in Amsterdam on 17 March.