Burning Up
Song by Kylie Minogue
From the album Fever
Released 1 October 2001
Recorded 2001
Length 3:59
Label Parlophone
  • Tom Nichols
  • Greg Fitzgerald
  • Tom Nichols
  • Greg Fitzgerald
Fever track listing
"Your Love"
"Burning Up"

"Burning Up" is a song by Kylie Minogue, taken from her eighth studio album Fever (2001).

Background and composition

"Burning Up" was described as a "slow-burn" disco song, that is an example of the disco-influenced production of the album, along with album opener "More More More". The song was written and produced by Tom Nichols and Greg Fitzgerald, and appears as the final track on the standard edition of the album

Musically, "Burning Up" is a disco song written in the key of F-sharp minor; the song talks about a lover seducing Kylie, describing how he makes her pulse pump and heart race. The song runs for three minutes and fifty nine seconds, and is set at a tempo of 112 beats per minute.

Live performances

"Burning Up" first made an appearance on Kylie's Fever Tour, where it served as the first song of the penultimate section; here, Kylie was lifted some twenty feet above the stage with a large red dress covering 12 dancers beneath her; the song preceded a performance of "Better the Devil You Know". The song then made an appearance on the Homecoming Tour in 2006, where it was mashed up with Madonna's "Vogue" as an interlude. This was the same on the For You, For Me tour in 2009, which was Kylie's first tour in North America.


Down to the disco
Everything stops
Walking in solo
Everyone drops

Hey summer madness
Totally cool
My heart starts racing
When i see you

I'm burning up baby
I'm burning up
Can you feel it burning me

My pulse is pumping
My heart may burst
If you drink me up i'm
Gonna quench your thirst

You're not honest
No you're not that nice
But if i kiss you once i'm
Gonna kiss you twice

I'm burning up baby
I'm burning up
Can you feel it burning me

I'm burning up baby

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