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For the 2016 compilation release of the same name, see Confide in Me (2016 album).
Confide in Me
Confide in Me 2001 album.jpg
Compilation album by Kylie Minogue
Released 21 November 2001 (2001-11-21)
  • Pop
  • dance-pop
  • house
  • R&B
Length 77:57
Label DeConstruction
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Confide in Me is a compilation album by Kylie Minogue which was released in November 2001. The album contains both of her DeConstruction studio albums, Kylie Minogue and Impossible Princess. "Breathe", the third single from Impossible Princess was not featured on the album. Commercially, the album was a failure, not reaching any important charts and received mixed reviews from music critics. Whilst critics praised the tracks from Deconstruction Records, they lost interest in the project as the album was too similar to the compilation album Hits+ which only featured Deconstruction songs also.


Prior to being signed to Parlophone, Kylie's previous labels had decided to release material from her previous records. Confide in Me was released by BMG, along with her other compilation album's Hits+ (2000), Greatest Hits 87–97 (2002), Greatest Hits: 87–99 (2002) and Artist Collection (2004). Ultimately, neither of the compilations achieved high success but Hits+ charted in the UK, while both Greatest Hits album charted in UK, Ireland and Japan.

The cover art is a screen shot from Kylie's single "Breathe", despite the song not being included on the album. The image featured inset pictures forming her body from previous pictures from her singles.


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Confide in Me received mixed reviews from music critics. No explanatory reviews have been released, but at Allmusic, they had highlighted "Some Kind of Bliss", "Time Will Pass You By" and "Confide in Me" as album highlights. Critics praised the album for its Deconstruction tracks, but felt it received no success because it was too similar to the album Hits+. A review from Cduniverse was review as well. She had explained "Fans of those albums should consider checking out Confide in Me; while it doesn't feature the previously unreleased tracks that Hits + does, it does provide a more in-depth look at her two transitional albums."

The album did not chart in any notable charts. However, the album was certified Silver by British Phonographic Industry (BPI), for shipments of 60,000 copies.

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s)Album Length
1. "Put Yourself in My Place"  Jimmy HarryKylie Minogue 4:56
2. "Some Kind of Bliss"  
Impossible Princess 4:16
3. "Surrender"  
  • Gerry DeVeaux
  • Charlie Mole
Kylie Minogue 4:27
4. "If I Was Your Lover"  HarryKylie Minogue 4:47
5. "Limbo"  
  • Minogue
  • Dave Ball
  • Ingo Vauk
Impossible Princess 4:07
6. "Did It Again"  
  • Minogue
  • Steve Anderson
  • Dave Seaman
Impossible Princess 4:24
7. "Through the Years"  
  • Minogue
  • Ball
  • Vauk
Impossible Princess 4:22
8. "Too Far"  MinogueImpossible Princess 4:46
9. "Say Hey"  MinogueImpossible Princess 3:40
10. "Time Will Pass You By"  
  • Dino Fekaris
  • Nick Zesses
  • John Rhys
Kylie Minogue 5:28
11. "Cowboy Style"  
  • Minogue
  • Anderson
  • Seaman
Impossible Princess 4:48
12. "Falling"  
  • Neil Tennant
  • Chris Lowe
Kylie Minogue 6:46
13. "I Don't Need Anyone"  
  • Minogue
  • Bradfield
Impossible Princess 3:15
14. "Dreams"  
  • Minogue
  • Anderson
  • Seaman
Impossible Princess 3:46
15. "Jump"  
  • Minogue
  • Rob Dougan
Impossible Princess 4:05
16. "Drunk"  
  • Minogue
  • Anderson
  • Seaman
Impossible Princess 4:01
17. "Confide in Me"  
  • Minogue
  • Anderson
  • Seaman
  • Owain Barton
Kylie Minogue 5:52
Total length: