Golden Tour 3
Golden Tour

Golden Tour was a concert tour in 2018/19 by Kylie Minogue in support of her fourteenth studio album Golden
Golden Tour
Golden Tour poster
Tour by Kylie Minogue
Associated album Golden
Start date 18 September 2018 (2018-09-18)
End date 17 March 2019 (2019-03-17)
No. of shows 26 in Europe
7 in Australia
33 in total
Kylie Minogue tour chronology
Kylie Presents Golden Golden Tour poster Summer 2019

"Golden Tour" is the eighteenth tour by Kylie Minogue, in support of her fourteenth studio album, Golden (2018). The first leg of the tour will comprise shows in Europe, starting in 18 September 2018 in the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England and conclude in the SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, before the tour moves over to Australia in March 2019, with dates during the "A Day on the Green" festival.


To coincide with the expected release of the album, Kylie Presents: Golden was announced, a promotional tour consisting of a series of concerts in smaller venues. A new arena tour was announced shortly after on February 23, 2018, with UK and Ireland dates being confirmed. Whilst discussing the development of the tour in July 2018, Kylie stated:

We know we've got a good starting point with songs from this album, and everything else on top of that is... that's where the difficulties start. Which older songs do we choose? And how many surprise moments that are a little more obscure do we put in for super fans? It's a fun, yet slightly stressful part of the process.

In an interview on Good Morning Britain, Kylie explained that the shows would be split into "two halves", with an interval and a narrative throughout. She continued to say the setlist was mostly concrete at that point, mentioning "Raining Glitter" and "Lost Without You" as definite performances. Kylie's costumes for the tour were designed by Ralph & Russo, Kolchagov Barba, Paco Rabanne, Jitrois, Stevie Stewart and Wrangler.

Shortly before the tour commenced in September 2018, Sonic Yootha were announced as the support act for the UK and Ireland dates, and the previously announced European dates of the Kylie Presents Golden promotional tour would be incorporated into the Golden Tour. On 7 November 2018, Kylie announced six Australian dates for the Golden Tour, three of which will be part of the "A Day on the Green" festival; another date in Sydney was announced due to popular demand.

In the weeks leading up to opening night, Kylie released several teaser videos and images for the tour, several of the photos teasing the inclusion of songs, such as "Put Yourself in My Place", "Million Miles", "The World Still Turns", "Too Far" and "Light Years"; it was later revealed that none of these songs were part of the set list, and were merely selected to fit in with the travelling theme of the show's narrative.


Golden tour stage

g design of the stage

The stage for the tour was designed by Kylie herself and her long-term lighting designer Rob Sinclair; the stage itself was built by Pull the Pin Out Productions, who also built the stage for the Kiss Me Once Tour; the stage was shaped as a lower-case 'g', and featured a ramp at the back of the stage, whose peak was atop a set of gold double doors. The set was in front of a large video screen, which showed the projections throughout the show. The center of the 'g' featured a raised platform, which had a raised platform on top of that for the band; the stage also featured three lifts which were used throughout the show.

Concert synopsis

Golden Tour 4

Kylie performing "Golden" as the opening of the show

The concert begins with a video of mountains against a night sky, with the sun slowly rising from behind the mountains as cricket sound effects play over the top; the band then begin the intro of "Golden" that was done throughout other performances in 2018, with the dancers emerging dressed as cowboys and cowgirls. Kylie then emerges out of the B-stage atop an array of suitcases dressed in a flowing pink Ralph and Russo gown and sings "Golden"; she then goes on to perform a new arrangement of "Get Outta My Way", which is followed by Golden song "One Last Kiss", which was only performed on opening night in Newcastle; the section ends with a new version of "Better the Devil You Know".

Kylie appears on the video screen singing along to Bobby Vinton song "Blue Velvet", before emerging in a white ensemble to sing a small portion of the song. She then launches into a sombre version of "Confide in Me" before moving on to a new remix of 1998 single "Breathe"; this was replaced by "I Believe in You" after opening night. After this she speaks to the audience and passes a rose from the end of the catwalk to the back of the venue singing an acapella chorus of "Where the Wild Roses Grow; she then goes on to perform a new remix of "In Your Eyes" and ends the section with "A Lifetime to Repair".

Kylie starts the third section with a performance of "Shelby '68", before sitting on a stool atop the platform to sing "Radio On". She then launches into a new '90s house remix of "Wow" and continues with a new version of "Can't Get You Out of My Head", which features elements of Fleetwood Mac song "The Chain"; she ends the performance by donning a denim jacket with the name of the city she is in emblazoned on the back, as the words 'to be continued' appear on the screen to signify the start of the 20 minute interval.

The second half of the show starts with leather-clad dancers and motorbikes rising to the stage as elements of "Being Boiled" by Human League play, which is then mixed with "Slow"; Kylie then joins the bikers, dressed herself in leather, before performing the duet "Kids". She continued by performing "The One", and finishes off the section with "Stop Me From Falling".

Lost Without You laser show 3

The laser show in the "Lost Without You" performance

The next section starts with a bike appearing on the screen, before Kylie emerges from the double doors in a black slip with a red flannel wrapped around her waist; she performs a new remix of "Wouldn't Change a Thing", the songs first live performance since 2001's On a Night Like This Tour, before performing a chorus of "I'll Still Be Loving You", from her first album, which marks the song's first live performance ever. This is then followed by "Especially For You", a huge singalong with the audience; Kylie then sings Golden bonus track "Lost Without You", complete with a laser show, and goes on to finish the section with "All the Lovers", which pays homage to her gay following with the use of rainbow coloured lights and confetti drop.

The penultimate section is a reference to the disco excess of Studio 54, with Kylie emerging in a sparking gold Kolchagov gown to perform a medley of then-unreleased song "New York City", "Raining Glitter" and "On a Night Like This". This is followed by a chugging sound effect as Kylie performs a disco rendition of "The Loco-Motion", followed by a performance of "Spinning Around", which uses elements of "Got to Be Real".

The encore starts with a performance of "Love at First Sight", and the show finishes with the lead single from Golden: "Dancing".


For concerts in the European leg of the tour, a smaller stage was used to accommodate the smaller venues Kylie was visiting; the g-shaped stage was reduced to an end stage, and the size and number of screens was reduced. In addition to this, the opening costume was replaced with a floral patterned dress, which changed on every night of the European shows, as opposed to the pink. The running order of the show was altered as well, to fit with the changes to the stage; "Get Outta My Way" was dropped from the set list, and Kylie performed "In Your Eyes" and "A Lifetime to Repair" in the first section of the show, after "Better the Devil You Know". The second and third acts were merged, with "I Believe in You" and "Radio On" being dropped, and the printed jacket became part of the white ensemble that Kylie wore.

For the two rescheduled shows in Ireland, "Get Outta My Way" was re-added to the set list, and "Let It Snow" was added to the encore between "Love at First Sight" and "Dancing".

For the Australian leg of the tour, the running order used during the European leg was used, however, "Get Outta My Way" was reinstated in the set list. For the final show in the tour, the 17 March show in Mount Cotton, Kylie was joined by Jake Shears, the opening act for the leg, to perform "I Believe in You" together, the song they wrote in 2004 on the first day they met.

Critical reception

The tour has gained acclaim from music critics. Simon Duke from The Evening Chronicle gave the opening night in Newcastle five stars with a positive review, saying that "Kylie dazzled in front of a set with visuals that looked like they’d been lifted straight from a picture perfect postcard of the Wild West". Duke stated that the "well executed and deliciously camp choreography [...] is a must see", being one of the best pop shows "ever experienced".

Adrian Caffery from The Birmingham Mail gave the Birmingham date 4 stars, stating that it was a "rollercoaster concert showcasing 30 years of Kylie [that] failed to disappoint", yet noted "there was a lot less spectacle than in previous Kylie concerts, with the extravagant stages [...] replaced by giant video screens." He concluded that "Kylie turned 50 this year, and on this evidence it’s clear she still has the Midas' touch."

Jack Hardwick from The Daily Star stated that "the pint-sized singer looked hotter than ever as she belted out some of her biggest hits" whilst "wowing fans with her killer vocals and [...] sex appeal. For the opening London date at The O2 Arena, Hardwick gave the show 4 stars, stating that Minogue "wowed fans with a stellar set-list of her biggest hits and a healthy smattering of new album tracks". He commented positively on the simplicity of the show, saying that "Kylie doesn’t need to rely on larger-than-life sets and jaw-dropping water spectacles to put on a killer show". Hardwick went on to praise Kylie's "faultless" vocals, concluding that "the show [was a] nostalgic trip down memory lane [...] [with] disco classics in the form of On a Night Like This, The Loco-Motion, Spinning Around and Love at First Sight." Gemma Sandways of The Evening Standard reviewed the same show, giving it 4 stars and stating that "there was a healthy helping of glamour [...] from the glittering gowns to the giant disco ball and metallic streamers unleashed". She concluded by saying that the "performance served as a welcome reminder of Minogue’s generosity as a performer, and of the refreshing lack of cynicism with which she has always embraced all eras of her career".

Set list


The Desert Sunrise
1. "Golden"
2. "Get Outta My Way"
3. "One Last Kiss"
4. "Better the Devil You Know"

The High and Dry
5. "Blue Velvet" (Interlude)
6. "Confide in Me"
7. "Breathe"
8. "Where the Wild Roses Grow" (Acapella)
9. "In Your Eyes"
10. "A Lifetime to Repair"

Nothing Behind Me, Everything Ahead of Me
11. "Shelby '68"
12. "Radio On"
13. "Wow"
14. "Can't Get You Out of My Head" / "The Chain"

The Lovers United
15. "Slow" / "Being Boiled"
16. "Kids"
17. "The One"
18. "Stop Me From Falling"

At the Picnic After the Biker Rally
19. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
20. "I'll Still Be Loving You"
21. "Especially For You"
22. "Lost Without You"
23. "All the Lovers"

New York City
24. "New York City"
25. "Raining Glitter"
26. "On a Night Like This"
27. "The Loco-Motion" (contains elements of "Bad Girls")
28. "Spinning Around"

The Nashvile Rider
29. "Love at First Sight"
30. "Dancing"


The Desert Sunrise
1. "Golden"
2. "Better the Devil You Know"
3. "In Your Eyes"
4. "A Lifetime to Repair"

The High and Dry
5. "Blue Velvet" (Interlude)
6. "Confide in Me"
7. "Where the Wild Roses Grow" (Acapella)
8. "Shelby '68"
9. "Wow"
10. "Can't Get You Out of My Head" / "The Chain"

The Lovers United
11. "Slow" / "Being Boiled"
12. "Kids"
13. "The One"
14. "Stop Me From Falling"

At the Picnic After the Biker Rally
15. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
16. "I'll Still Be Loving You"
17. "Especially For You"
18. "Lost Without You"
19. "All the Lovers"

New York City
20. "New York City"
21. "Raining Glitter"
22. "On a Night Like This"
23. "The Loco-Motion" (contains elements of "Bad Girls")
24. "Spinning Around"

The Nashville Rider
25. "Love at First Sight"
26. "Dancing"


The Desert Sunrise
1. "Golden"
2. "Get Outta My Way"
3. "Better the Devil You Know"

The High and Dry
4. "Blue Velvet" (Interlude)
5. "Confide in Me"
6. "Where the Wild Roses Grow" (Acapella)
7. "In Your Eyes"
8. "A Lifetime to Repair"

Nothing Behind Me, Everything Ahead of Me
9. "Shelby '68"
10. "Wow"
11. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"

The Lovers United
12. "Slow" / "Being Boiled"
13. "Kids"
14. "The One"
15. "Stop Me From Falling"

At the Picnic After the Biker Rally
16. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
17. "I'll Still Be Loving You"
18. "Especially For You"
19. "Lost Without You"
20. "All the Lovers"

New York City
21. "New York City"
22. "Raining Glitter"
23. "On a Night Like This"
24. "The Loco-Motion"
25. "Spinning Around"

The Nashville Rider
26. "Love at First Sight"
27. "Let It Snow"
28. "Dancing"


The Desert Sunrise
1. "Golden"
2. "Get Outta My Way"
3. "Better the Devil You Know"
4. "In Your Eyes"
5. "A Lifetime to Repair"

The High and Dry
6. "Blue Velvet" (Interlude)
7. "Confide in Me"
8. "Where the Wild Roses Grow" (Acapella)
9. "Shelby '68"
10. "Wow"
11. "Can't Get You Out of My Head" / "The Chain"

The Lovers United
12. "Slow" / "Being Boiled"
13. "Kids"
14. "The One"
15. "Stop Me From Falling"

At the Picnic After the Biker Rally
16. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
17. "I'll Still Be Loving You"
18. "Especially For You"
19. "Lost Without You"
20. "All the Lovers"

New York City
21. "New York City"
22. "Raining Glitter"
23. "On a Night Like This"
24. "The Loco-Motion" (contains elements of "Bad Girls")
25. "Spinning Around"

The Nashville Rider
26. "Love at First Sight"
27. "Dancing"


• "Your Disco Needs You" was originally part of the set list, to be performed in the Studio 54 section, after "On a Night Like This", but was removed before opening night.
• "Cowboy Style" and "Every Little Part of Me" were performed as part of the set list during rehearsals but never made it to the stage.
• "Breathe" was only performed at opening night in Newcastle, thereafter it was replaced by "I Believe in You"
• "One Last Kiss" was removed from the set list after opening night in Newcastle.
• Kylie performed an acapella excerpt of "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi" as a request before "Stop Me From Falling" in Newcastle
• At the shows in Nottingham and Birmingham, Kylie performed a "Tears on My Pillow" before "In Your Eyes".
• At the 9 November show in Paris, Kylie performed an acapella excerpt of "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi" after "Love at First Sight". Following this, she performed an excerpt of "2 Hearts" and then "Your Disco Needs You", both with the band.
• At the 10 November show in Zurich, Kylie performed an acapella excerpt of "Timebomb"
• At the 13 November show in Munich, Kylie performed "Your Disco Needs You" following a request after "Love at First Sight", with the German lyrics
• At the 14 November show in Vienna, Kylie performed a verse and chorus of both "In My Arms" and "2 Hearts" after audience request after "Love at First Sight".

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue Support act
Leg 1 — Europe
18 September 2018 Newcastle England Metro Radio Arena Sonic Yootha
20 September 2018 Nottingham Motorpoint Arena
21 September 2018 Birmingham Genting Arena
22 September 2018 Bournemouth Bournemouth International Centre
24 September 2018 Cardiff Wales Motorpoint Arena
26 September 2018 London England The O2 Arena
27 September 2018
28 September 2018
30 September 2018 Glasgow Scotland SSE Hydro
1 October 2018 Manchester England Manchester Arena
3 October 2018 Liverpool Echo Arena
4 October 2018 Leeds First Direct Arena
Leg 2 — Europe
8 November 2018 Brussels Belgium Cirque Royal N/A
9 November 2018 Paris France Grande Seine
10 November 2018 Zürich Switzerland Samsung Hall
12 November 2018 Padua Italy Gran Teatro Geox
13 November 2018 Munich Germany Kulturhalle Zenith
14 November 2018 Vienna Austria Bank Austria Halle
18 November 2018 Frankfurt Germany Jahrhunderthalle
19 November 2018 Berlin Tempodrom
20 November 2018 Cologne Palladium
22 November 2018 Amsterdam Netherlands AFAS Live
23 November 2018 Copenhagen Denmark Royal Danish Theatre
24 November 2018 Hamburg Germany Mehr! Theater
Leg 3 — Europe
3 October 2018 [a] Dublin Ireland 3Arena
5 October 2018 [b] Belfast Northern Ireland SSE Arena
Leg 4 — Australia
5 March 2019 Sydney Australia ICC Sydney Theatre Jake Shears
6 March 2019
9 March 2019 [c] Perth Sir James Mitchell Park Jake Shears
11 March 2019 Adelaide Adelaide Entertainment Centre Jake Shears
13 March 2019 Melbourne Sidney Myer Music Bowl
16 March 2019 [c] Hunter Valley Bimbadgen Jake Shears
17 March 2019 [c] Mount Cotton Sirromet Wines

Cancelled shows

Date City Country Venue Reason
6 November 2018 Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg Rockhal Scheduling conflicts

Broadcast and recordings

See Golden Live in Concert

On 7 October 2019, Kylie announced the release of a 2CD/DVD bundle, entitled Golden Live in Concert, to be released on 6 December 2019; the DVD will include the full show, plus bonus features, with the CDs containing the audio of every performance on the DVD. The footage was taken from 6 nights of the tour.

It was also announced that an edited version of the footage would be shown on Channel 4, in conjunction with a special 90-minute show.


Adapted from the tour programme credits.


  • Kylie Minogue – creative director
  • Rob Sinclair – creative director
  • Steve Anderson – musical director
  • Blue Leach – multi camera director
  • Ashley Wallen – choreographer
  • Rob Sinclair – production, lighting designer
  • Tully Bloom – personal assistant
  • Christian Vermaak – hair and makeup
  • Emma Banks – hair and makeup
  • Chris Ibbs – hair and makeup
  • Tony Evans – head of security


  • Christian Gulino – band leader, keyboards
  • Tom Meadows – drums
  • Luke Fitton – guitar
  • Luke Higins – guitar
  • Jamie Sefton – bass
  • Adetoun Anibi – backing vocals
  • Abbie Osmon – backing vocals



  • Frank Strachan – costume stylist
  • Sascha Lilic – fashion consultant
  • Ralph & Russo – costume design
  • Jitrois – costume design
  • Gamba Shoes – costume design
  • Paco Rabanne – costume design
  • Stevie Stewart – costume design
  • Rellik – costume design
  • Kolchagov Barba – costume design
  • Preciosa – costume design
  • Deborah Tallentire – costume design
  • Davida Helmets – costume design
  • London Embroidery Studio – costume design
  • Wrangler – costume design
  • Alida Herbst – costume design
  • Carine Gilson – costume design

Creative associates

  • Ali Pike – associate lighting designer
  • Jenny Griffin – associate choreographer
  • Noel Jones, Peter Graham – sound recording
  • Nev Bull – video programmer
  • Luke Rolls – draftsman
  • Michael Al-Far – render artist
  • Nicola Mills – storyline
  • George Sinclair – creative producer


  • Blink Inc – video content
  • Kirsten McFie – video content producer
  • Paige Kauffman – US video content producer
  • Thomas English – director of photography
  • Edwin Eversole – director of photography
  • Rupa Rathod – lead editor, motion graphics
  • Richard Cullen – technical director
  • Kevin Ramser – motion graphics
  • Simon Davies – art director


  • Kevin Pruce – FDH sound engineer
  • Gavin Tempany – monitor engineer
  • Will Sanderson – playback tech
  • Nick Sizer – drum tech
  • Mark 'McKinty' Gordon – guitar tech
  • Phil Murphy – stage manager
  • Lee Freeman – assistant stage manager
  • Frank Strachan – wardrobe
  • Anne-Marie Bigby – head of wardrobe
  • Kerry West – assistant head of wardrobe
  • Josh Thomas – RF tech

  • Jonny Buck – audio crew tech
  • Don Parks – system tech
  • Beth O'Leary – monitor tech
  • Mark O'Neill – PA
  • Tom Gardener – PA
  • Ali Pike – lighting operator
  • Ben Cash – lighting programmer
  • Aidan McCabe – lighting crew chief
  • Jacob Black – lighting crew
  • Michael Sanchez – lighting crew
  • John Hetherton – lighting crew
  • Matt Morris – lighting crew
  • Jonty Rivers – zactrack
  • Aaron Veness – zactrack
  • Andy Joyes – video crew chief, LED tech
  • Nev Bull – media server operator
  • Briony Margetts – racks/system engineer
  • Matt Peers – LED tech
  • Lee Hunter – LED tech
  • John Brandon – LED tech
  • Chris Johnson – LED tech
  • Matt Doughty – LED tech
  • Matt Brown – camera operator
  • Jamie Cowlin – camera operator
  • Danny Sheldon – camera operator
  • Seth Griffiths – lasers, special effects
  • Bradley Saunders – lasers, special effects
  • Andy Roberts – rigger
  • Domonick Warrington – rigger, Kinesys
  • Rick Worsfold – head carpenter
  • Pete Geary – set carpenter
  • Jackson Wheeler – set carpenter
  • Jack Crane – set carpenter
  • Charlie Pollington – physio
  • David Lopez-Edwards – backstage filming
  • Simon Raynor – catering
  • Steffy Head – catering
  • Lincoln Jefferson – catering
  • Cherry Pashby – catering
  • Stuart Butler – catering
  • Eddie McQueen – catering
  • Graham Brumhead – bus driver
  • Richard Deane – bus driver
  • Mike Fields – bus driver
  • Ian Staveley – bus driver
  • Tony Ackroyd – bus driver
  • Kevin Watson – bus driver

Tour promoters

  • Andy Copping – promotion
  • Steve Horner – promotion
  • Simon Moran – promotion
  • Cathy Wilson – promotion
  • Peter Aiken – promotion


  • Graham Miller – video
  • Matthew Ilott – lighting
  • Ben Brookes – staging
  • Matt Kaye – staging
  • Ewan Ashburn – staging
  • Wendy Deans – catering
  • Robin Conway – sound
  • Paul Timmins – sound
  • Marc Webber – lasers, special effects
  • Howard Eaton Lighting – props
  • Lily Mollgaard – props
  • Dave Simmons – props
  • Lisa Buckley – props
  • Andy Gray – bussing
  • David Coumbe – trucking
  • Matt Jackson – trucking
  • Paul Walker – trucking
  • Ian Patterson – travel
  • Maria Taylor – travel
  • Izzi Robinson – travel
  • Tim Cox – accreditation
  • Nigel Jones – legal
  • David Cushion – accounting
  • Lottie Prosser – accounting
  • Rima Bavalia – accounting


^a The 3 December 2018 concert in Dublin, Ireland was originally scheduled to take place on 7 October.
^b The 5 December 2018 concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland was originally scheduled to take place on 8 October.
^c The shows on these dates are part of the "A Day on the Green" festival

Costume Gallery

The Desert Sunrise
1. "Golden"
2. "Get Outta My Way" (18 September — 4 October, 3 — 5 December, 2018, 5 — 17 March, 2019)
3. "One Last Kiss" (18 September, 2018)
4. "Better the Devil You Know"
5. "In Your Eyes" (8 — 24 November, 2018, 5 — 17 March, 2019)
6. "A Lifetime to Repair" (8 — 24 November, 2018, 5 — 17 March, 2019)

The Desert Sunrise and The High & Dry were merged for mainland European and Australian shows

The High & Dry
1. "Blue Velvet" (Interlude)
2. "Confide in Me"
3. "Breathe" (18 September, 2018)
4. "I Believe in You" (20 September — 4 October, 2018, 17 March, 2019)
5. "Where the Wild Roses Grow" (Snippet) (18 September, 22 September, 2018 — 17 March, 2019)
6. "In Your Eyes" (18 September — 4 October, 3 — 5 December, 2018)
7. "A Lifetime to Repair" (18 September — 4 October, 3 — 5 December, 2018)
8. "Shelby '68" (8 — 24 November, 2018, 5 — 16 March, 2019)
9. "Wow" (8 — 24 November, 2018, 5 — 17 March, 2019)
10 "Can't Get You Out of My Head" / "The Chain" (8 — 24 November, 2018, 5 — 17 March, 2019)

The High & Dry and Nothing Behind Me, Everything Ahead of Me were merged for mainland European and Australian shows

Nothing Behind Me, Everything Ahead of Me
1. "Shelby '68" (18 September — 4 October, 3 — 5 December, 2018)
2. "Radio On" (18 September — 4 October, 2018)
3. "Wow" (18 September — 4 October, 3 — 5 December, 2018)
4. "Can't Get You Out of My Head" / "The Chain" (18 September — 4 October, 3 — 5 December, 2018)

The Lovers United
1. "Slow" / "Being Boiled"
2. "Kids"
3. "The One"
4. "Stop Me From Falling"

At the Picnic After the Biker Rally
1. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
2. "I'll Still Be Loving You"
3. "Especially For You"
4. "Lost Without You"
5. "All the Lovers"

Encore: The Nashville Rider
1. "Love at First Sight"
2. "Let It Snow" (3 — 5 December, 2018)
3. "Dancing"

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