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Infinite Disco
Infinite Disco.jpg
Live stream concert by Kylie Minogue
Associated album Disco
Location Worldwide
Venue LH3 Studios
London, England
Date (s) 7 November 2020 (2020-11-07)
31 December 2020 (2020-12-31)
No. of shows 5

Infinite Disco is a global livestream concert by Kylie Minogue. The live stream is a one-off performance in promotion of her fifteenth studio album Disco (2020).

Background and development

Following the release of the singles "Say Something" and "Magic", Kylie took to social media to announce a "performance spectacular", which would take place on 7 November; it was announced that tickets would go on sale on 21 October 2020, with fans getting early access by pre-ordering Disco. The live stream, with a duration of approximately 50 minutes, is co-directed by Rob Sinclair and Kate Moross, and will feature songs from the forthcoming album, as well as previously released songs from Kylie's career, the latter being reworked by longtime contributors Richard Stannard and Steve Anderson. All songs were choreographed by Kylie's former dancer and current choreographer Ashley Wallen.

On 1 November 2020, as a teaser to Infinite Disco, the full pre-recorded performance of "Say Something" was uploaded to Kylie's YouTube channel, accompanied by the members of The House Gospel Choir. The day after, she uploaded a 30-second video to her socials, showcasing various clips of the live stream, including portions of her singing her 2002 single "Love at First Sight" as well as her most recent promotional single, "I Love It." On 6 November 2020, the release day of Disco, Kylie uploaded the pre-recorded performance of "Real Groove" to her YouTube page.

UK-based livestream business Driift announced that they shifted nearly 30,000 tickets for Infinite Disco. Together with Niall Horan's show from the Royal Albert Hall, which occurred in the same night, they had sold more than 150,000 tickets collectively, grossing a combined $3 million.


The show begins with Kylie atop a set of mirrored steps, dressed in a cape, singing an excerpt of "Magic", which is followed by a chorus of "Come into My World"; after this, she launches into "I Love It", revealing a gold jumpsuit under the cape. Following this, she moves into a new arrangement of "In Your Eyes", joined by 4 dancers. After this, she performed "Light Years", which marks the song's first outing since 2009's For You, For Me. After the spoken middle 8, the show moves into "Supernova", before returning to the spoken ending of "Light Years".

Kylie then performed a small excerpt of "I Should Be So Lucky", before moving into "Dance Floor Darling". This is followed by a new version of "All the Lovers", where Kylie is joined by the House Gospel Choir, which transitions into the performance of lead single "Say Something". After this, Kylie went on to perform "Real Groove", the performance of which was uploaded to Kylie's YouTube channel a day prior to the live stream. This is followed by a performance of "Slow", which borrows elements of Donna Summer's "Love to Love You Baby", as well as Kylie singing the hook after the middle 8. She then performed "Monday Blues".

After this, Kylie performed "Where Does the DJ Go?", followed immediately by a performance of "Love at First Sight". This then leads into "Last Chance", and Kylie closes the show with a full performance of "Magic", using an extended outro.

For the New Year's Eve broadcast, a circa-fifteen-minute behind-the-scenes documentary, entitled Dancefloor Dreams was included before the main show. This documentary featured interviews with the cast and some of the crew, as well as a look at the creation of the show.

Set list

1. "Magic" / "Come into My World" (Intro)
2. "I Love It"
3. "In Your Eyes"
4. "Light Years"
5. "Supernova" (with "Light Years" outro)
6. "I Should Be So Lucky" / "Dance Floor Darling"
7. "All the Lovers"
8. "Say Something"
9. "Real Groove"
10. "Slow" / "Love to Love You Baby"
11. "Monday Blues"
12. "Where Does the DJ Go?"
13. "Love at First Sight"
14. "Last Chance"
15. "Magic"

Broadcast and recordings

Originally, the live stream was broadcast on 7 November 2020, a day after the release of Disco (2020), featuring the circa-fifty-minute special. On December 4, Kylie took to her socials to announce that the show would be re-streamed on New Year's Eve, this time with the inclusion of a fifteen-minute documentary, entitled 'Dancefloor Dreams'; this documentary gave a glimpse into the creation of the show, containing interviews with the creatives, the crew, the dancers and Kylie herself.

The show was later included in the reissue of Disco, released in November 2021; the collection contained the Disco album, alongside remixes and new tracks on a separate CD, as well as the full Infinite Disco show on DVD and Bluray, and a live album of the show.