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Kylie Summer 2015

Kylie Summer 2015 was a mini tour in 2015 by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue
Kylie Summer 2015
Kylie Summer 2015 square
Tour by Kylie Minogue
Start date 12 June 2015
End date 18 July 2015
Legs 1
No. of shows 6 in Europe
Kylie Minogue tour chronology
Kiss Me Once Tour Kylie Summer 2015 square A Kylie Christmas Tour Poster

Kylie Summer 2015 is the 2015 European mini-tour by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue. The tour comprised six shows in Europe, commencing on June 12 in Aalborg, Denmark and finishing on July 18 in Gräfenhainichen, Germany. The show is a mix of the previous Kiss Me Once Tour with a few additions and edits.


Kylie Summer 2015 was a new name used for the summer tour dates. Kylie shared the poster on social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook days before her first show. The show was a re-worked version of the Kiss Me Once Tour, which included new songs, new costumes, a new running order, and new screen visuals.

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
The Guardian Star fullStar fullStar fullStar fullStar full
The Huffington Post Star fullStar fullStar fullStar fullStar full
The Independent Star fullStar fullStar fullStar emptyStar empty
Liverpool Echo Star fullStar fullStar fullStar fullStar empty

The tour received positive reviews from most critics. Following her show at Haydock Park Racecourse, Tom Belger of the Liverpool Echo gave the show 4 stars, saying it was a "triumphant return to Merseyside". He commented that Kylie's costume "looked a lot like Christmas, but it's hard to blame her for mixing things up on a seemingly endless tour." Ashley Percival of The Huffington Postsaid that Kylie's Hyde Park show was "the Glastonbury set that never was". He gave the show 5 stars, stating that "Kylie proved that you can't keep a disco diva down" following "a tumultuous few years [...] after signing up to Jay Z's Roc Nation following the split from her manager of 25 years in late 2013". He concluded his review by saying hopefully "Michael Eavis has already been on the blower for a headline slot at Glasto 2016". Caroline Sullivan of The Guardian also gave the same concert 5 stars, saying Kylie and "her set reinforces her status as dancepop's greatest poppet". Pierre Perrone of The Independent was slightly more critical of the concert, giving it 3 stars, stating that "Kylie Minogue didn't quite make the leap to outdoor headliner status".

Concert synopsis

The show began with the video introduction of "Breathe", as used in the "Kiss Me Once Tour", but used elements of "Better the Devil You Know" as opposed to "Les Sex". Kylie then appears on the same pair of lips from behind the dancers; wearing a red leopard print jumpsuit. After this she goes on to sing "In My Arms" which was followed with a performance of the KylieX2008 version of "In Your Eyes". Kylie then quickly addressed the audience, and closed the first section with the Kiss Me Once Tour remix of "Wow".

The second section commences with the same intro and remix of "Step Back in Time", followed by the same remixes of "Spinning Around", "Your Disco Needs You" and "On a Night Like This" respectively, where Kylie wore a red sequined dress with matching boots, along with the collar and tie used for this section in the "Kiss Me Once Tour". After this, Kylie went on to perform a cover of Kim Carnes' "Bette Davis Eyes" which was followed with performances of "Can't Get You Out of My Head" and "Slow". Kylie then took requests from the audience before singing the first verse and chorus of "I Should Be So Lucky" accompanied by a live drum beat; at Hyde Park, Kylie invited the audience to sing the whole song while she was carried round the audience on dancers' shoulders, before going on to sing "The Loco-Motion", and closing the section with "Kids".

The third section used the same version of "Get Outta My Way", but with a shortened intro; Kylie wore a gold jumpsuit with matching shoes. Kylie then went on to sing the Kiss Me Once Tour version of "Love at First Sight" before performing her 1992 single "Celebration", the song's first appearance since 2001. Kylie then addressed the audience and closed the main body of the show with "All the Lovers".

Kylie then performed "Into the Blue" to close the how, which was the only song from Kiss Me Once featured in the set list.

Commercial performance

All 22,000 tickets for Kylie's performance on 19 June 2015 in Suffolk were sold out in a record-breaking 30 minutes.

Set list

Act One
1. "Breathe(Video introduction with elements of "Better the Devil You Know")
2. "Better the Devil You Know"
3. "In My Arms"
4. "In Your Eyes"
5. "Wow"

Act Two
6. "Bauhaus Disco" (Interlude)
7. "Step Back in Time"
8. "Spinning Around"
9. "Your Disco Needs You"
10. "On a Night Like This"
11. "Bette Davis Eyes"
12. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"
13. "Slow"
14. "I Should Be So Lucky(Acapella)
15. "The Loco-Motion"
16. "Kids"

Act Three
17. "Get Outta My Way"
18. "Love at First Sight"
19. "Celebration"
20. "All the Lovers"

21. "Into the Blue"

Tour Dates

Date City Country Venue
Leg 1 — Europe
12 June 2015[a] Aalborg Denmark Skovdalen
19 June 2015[b] Suffolk England Newmarket Racecourse
20 June 2015[c] Merseyside Haydock Park Racecourse
21 June 2015[d] London Hyde Park
16 July 2015[e] Pori Finland Kirjurinluoto
18 July 2015[f] Gräfenhainichen Germany Ferropolis

Cancelled shows

Date City Country Venue Reason for cancellation
16 June 2015 Istanbul Turkey Küçükçiftlik Park

Low ticket sales

Box office score data

Venue City Tickets sold / available Revenue
Hyde Park London 46,126 / 53,333 (86.5%) $3,588,342


^a The 12 June 2015 concert in Aalborg, Denmark at Skovdalen is a part of Skovrock Festival.
^b The 19 June 2015 concert in Suffolk, England at Newmarket Racecourse is a part of The Jockey Club’s An Evening At The Races concert series.
^c The 20 June 2015 concert in Merseyside, England at Haydock Park Racecourse is a part of The Jockey Club’s An Evening At The Races concert series.
^d The 21 June 2015 concert in London, England at Hyde Park is a part of British Summer Time.
^e The 16 July 2015 concert in Pori, Finland at Kirjurinluoto is a part of Pori Jazz Festival.
^f The 18 July 2015 concert in Gräfenhainichen, Germany at Ferropolis is a part of Melt! Festival.

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