Remix album by Kylie Minogue
Released 3 August 1998 (1998-08-03)
Length 73:37 (Vinyl)
82:08 (CD)
  • DeConstruction
  • Mushroom
  • Steve Anderson
  • Dave Seaman
  • Dave Ball
  • Ingo Vauk
  • Rob Dougan
  • Jay Burnett
  • James Dean Bradfield
  • Dave Eringa
Kylie Minogue chronology
Greatest Remix Hits 2 Mixes Impossible Remixes
Singles from Mixes
1. Too Far
27 September 1998 (1998-09-27)

Mixes is the fourth remix album by Kylie Minogue. It was released on 3 August 1998, by Deconstruction Records. The album contains remixes of tracks from her sixth studio album, Impossible Princess (1997). The remixes were done by DJs such as Brothers in Rhythm, Junior Vasquez, and Todd Terry. The remixes was influenced by various genres of dance music, such as electronica and dance-pop. The album was originally scheduled for a 1999 release, but Deconstruction pre-poned the release date of Mixes in the United Kingdom to August 1998, since the Australian counterpart, Impossible Remixes (1998), had been released earlier than its original date. With favourable critical reception, Mixes charted in the United Kingdom at number sixty-three on the UK Albums Chart, her highest remix album at the time. The Brothers in Rhythm remix of "Too Far" was released as a promotional single in the UK and North America.

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