Mr President
Kiss Me Once
Song by Kylie Minogue
From the album Kiss Me Once
Released 14 March 2014 (2014-03-14)
  • EDM
  • dance
Length 4:11
Label Parlophone
  • Kelly Sheehan
  • Jacob Kasher Hindlin
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Thomas Olsen
  • Kelly Sheehan
Kiss Me Once track listing
"Mr President"
"Sleeping With the Enemy"

"Mr President" is a song by Kylie Minogue that comes from the deluxe edition of her twelfth studio album Kiss Me Once (2014).


Kylie wanted to release "Mr President" as a single from Kiss Me Once, but Parlophone didn't want it to be on the record at all, which is why it was relegated to a bonus track; the song was also meant to be part of the set list for the Kiss Me Once Tour, but ended up being discarded; despite this, elements of the song can be heard during the performances of "Can't Get You Out of My Head".

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