Showgirl DVD
Video by Kylie Minogue
Released 25 November 2005 (Europe)
28 November 2005 (United Kingdom)
Recorded 6 May 2005 (2005-05-06); Earls Court, London
Genre pop
Length 108 minutes
Label EMI
Director(s) Russell Thomas
Producer(s) Philippa R. Pettett
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Kylie Showgirl is a live DVD by Australian Kylie Minogue. It was during Kylie's Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour on 6 May 2005 at Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London, England, which was the second to last show of the tour, and was released by EMI on 25 November 2005 in Europe.

Background and Information

The show at which the video was filmed was originally filmed for a broadcast on Channel 4, with plans for a DVD and potential live album to be recorded in Melbourne on Kylie's birthday. These plans however fell through due to Kylie's diagnosis of early stage breast cancer, and subsequent cancellation of the rest of the tour, which had 18 scheduled shows in Australia, as well as 3 in Asia.

The tour was continued a year and a half later, under the name Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour, which featured new costumes and a modified running order; this tour visited Australia and the UK, with a total of 34 shows performed; 20 in Australia and 14 in the United Kingdom.

The initial idea for the Homecoming Tour was for Kylie to reprise the Showgirl Tour completely, in terms of costume and setlist, however, Klie felt like she couldn't go back there and so the show was reworked in order to accommodate her.

The original idea for the Showgirl Tour was to include the ABBA song "Dancing Queen" in the setlist, seeing as that's the song that gave birth to the Showgirl in the Intimate and Live tour in 1998; however that idea was scrapped.

The show was also released as a live EP under the same name; this EP featured eight tracks from the performance, and was released in December of 2005

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Overture"    
2. "Better the Devil You Know"    
3. "In Your Eyes"    
4. "Giving You Up"    
5. "On a Night Like This"    
6. "Shocked" (As part of the Smiley Kylie medley, featuring excerpts from: "Do You Dare?", "It's No Secret", "Give Me Just a Little More Time", "Keep on Pumpin' It (song)Keep on Pumpin' It" and "What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)")  
7. "What Do I Have to Do" (As part of the Smiley Kylie medley, featuring an excerpt from "I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)")  
8. "Spinning Around" (As part of the Smiley Kylie medley, featuring excerpts from "Step Back in Time" along with elements of "Finally", and "Such a Good Feeling")  
9. "In Denial" (Virtual duet with Neil Tennant)  
10. "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi"    
11. "Confide in Me"    
12. "Red Blooded Woman" / "Where the Wild Roses Grow"    
13. "Slow"    
14. "Please Stay"    
15. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"    
16. "Come into My World"    
17. "Chocolate"    
18. "I Believe in You"    
19. "Dreams"    
20. "Hand on Your Heart"    
21. "The Loco-Motion"    
22. "I Should Be So Lucky"    
23. "Your Disco Needs You"    
24. "Put Yourself in My Place"    
25. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"    
26. "Especially For You"    
27. "Love at First Sight"    
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