Ultimate Kylie
Ultimate Kylie DVD
Video by Kylie Minogue
Released 22 October 2004 (2004-10-22)
Recorded 1987-2004
  • Pop
  • dance
  • electronica
  • freestyle
  • disco
  • house
  • europop
  • hi-NRG
  • R&B
  • eurodance
  • funk
Length 130 minutes
  • Parlophone
  • EMI
  • Warner
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Ultimate Kylie was a video simultaneously released with the Ultimate Kylie greatest hits compilation album by Kylie Minogue, containing all the music videos of the songs, only with the exception of "Giving You Up" (which at the time had not been filmed). It also contains Kylie's performance at the 2002 BRIT Awards of "Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head": this was a mix of her song "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and New Order's "Blue Monday". Early versions of the UK DVD are known to suffer from the DVD rot phenomena, after a short period of time, where the playing surface becomes incredibly cloudy or forms a 'cracked' pattern. EMI UK have not publicly addressed this issue. However, they offered free replacements to those who returned their damaged copies. The DVD also contains "on-screen lyrics".

Single alterations

Unreleased songs

Promotional advertisements for the album and DVD claimed that Ultimate Kylie would contain every single Kylie had released in Australia and the UK. However, several songs included on the CD release were not featured on the DVD. From her debut album Kylie, "It's No Secret" and "Turn It into Love" were not featured, although no music video for "Turn It Into Love" was ever made. Most of her singles from Let's Get to It were missing, only having "Give Me Just a Little More Time" featured on the DVD. From her album Greatest Hits, "What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)" was omitted. From her last album with Deconstruction, PWL and BMG, Impossible Princess, "Some Kind of Bliss" and her Australian single "Cowboy Style" did not feature on the DVD. From her first album with Parlophone, Light Years, the video for the selected territories single "Your Disco Needs You" was not included. "Butterfly" was only released in the USA as a single and no video was made for it. The rest of the missing videos, except "Your Disco Needs You", are on Kylie's DVD album Greatest Hits: 87–99.

Video edits

"Can't Get You Out of My Head" has been edited as a radio edit as it is shorter than the one released online. As "Giving You Up" had an exception for not including in the DVD, it had a sample instrumental intro on the menu page. The Australian edition of "I Should Be So Lucky" was not released on the DVD, but used the other edit version. The Australian version entitled "Locomotion" was not released, later was released as the 1988 version as "The Loco-Motion". "On a Night Like This" was also edited to the video edition, as the album edition was more up for release.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "I Should Be So Lucky"    
2. "Got to Be Certain"    
3. "The Loco-Motion"    
4. "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi"    
5. "Especially For You"    
6. "Hand on Your Heart"    
7. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"    
8. "Never Too Late"    
9. "Tears on My Pillow"    
10. "Better the Devil You Know"    
11. "Step Back in Time"    
12. "What Do I Have to Do"    
13. "Shocked"    
14. "Give Me Just a Little More Time"    
15. "Celebration"    
16. "Confide in Me"    
17. "Put Yourself in My Place"    
18. "Where the Wild Roses Grow"    
19. "Did It Again"    
20. "Breathe"    
21. "Spinning Around"    
22. "On a Night Like This"    
23. "Kids"    
24. "Please Stay"    
25. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"    
26. "In Your Eyes"    
27. "Love at First Sight"    
28. "Come into My World"    
29. "Slow"    
30. "Red Blooded Woman"    
31. "Chocolate"    
32. "I Believe in You"    
Bonus features
No. Title Length
1. "Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head (at the Brit Awards)"    
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